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Our business development managers are industry experienced, trained in all aspects of hospitality finance matters and supported by a team of tax, accounts, payroll and legal experts.

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We offer a range of services to support you and your business.
You can select the package of services that best suits your needs and budget, or pick a specific service and get a quote just for that.

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Inn-Recovery services in detail

If you would like a quote on individual services, please contact us

3 Year financial forecast report

We take a look at your current and projected income and business costs to create a financial plan for the coming three years.
Analysing your pricing, GP margins, wage costs and future projections we put together a strategy for you to track that will allow your business grow and in doing so we will illustrate the areas of concern that require the most urgent action to address.

Onsite visit from your local business development manager

Whilst much of what we do to support you can be done remotely through email and telephone, sometimes it is best to sit down face to face and go through your business and specific concerns you may have. Our Business Development Managers are industry experienced so can talk about all aspects of your business. not just the numbers, but what the numbers mean in practical terms.
(Please note: If COVID restrictions apply, these meetings with be via MS teams or Skype)

Business summary report with guidance and action plans

This report from your Business Development Manager sets out in black and white not only your current situation, but what is required to turn the situation around. 

Business procedures report with action plans

Sometimes even the most skilled business operator gets into bad habits. In this report your Business Development Manager will go through things such as your paperwork and office processes to help make your business more efficient.

Financial analysis report of previous trading

In order to progress, you need a really good understanding of what has got your business to the situation it is now in. Not every business has had the benefit of clear and detailed monthly management accounts from their accountancy firm. Your Roslyns Business Development Manager will look at previous accounts and details of income and expenditure and put together a financial report on the previous year. This allows you to see where profits were missed, costs were out of line with trade, and form the basis for understanding your business better and drawing a line between the previous year and the future.

Stocktaking report and action plans

Not every businesses have had the benefits of professional stocktaking and as such have no information on stock movement and performance which is vital for planning.
We will send one of our stock auditors to go through all of your current stockholding, pricing, costs etc and put together a report.
Then, one month later they will return and do the same, producing a detailed analysis of the period between each visits along with action plans that will allow you to grow your profits.

Social media and online representation report and action plans

A modern business can live or die on their online presence. Your Roslyns Business Development Manager will research and produce a report on your website (or lack of), social media, online reviews and online visibility with action plans and guidance on practical steps you can take to boost your online presence.

Mystery customer report

The impressions that your customers have of your business is of paramount importance.
The one thing you can never know, is what happens in your business when you're not there. With our help, you can.
Our mystery customer reports differ from others in that we don't send a member of the general public. We send industry experienced professionals who know what to look out for.
Your report not only tells you what your 'customer' experienced but there will also be action plans of how to retrain or tweak your systems to improve the overall customer experience.

Services in detail
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