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The Inn-Recovery service is powered by Roslyns Group.

Since 1992 Roslyns have provided first class business services to the hospitality sector.

Initially specialising in pub accounts and pub stocktaking, we are now the premium choice across the hospitality industry for accounts, payroll, stocktaking and business services all under one umbrella.

Our clients range from small pubs to large gastropubs, restaurants, takeaways, pub companies and hotel groups.

Whatever the size of your business, or the size of your ambition, Roslyns can support you.

We look after businesses of all sizes across the UK based from our offices in Sheffield and our national network of business development managers and stocktakers. (4).png

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  • Can I choose just one aspect of the Inn-Recovery packages?
    Certainly. We have put together the appropriate services together in packages that offer the best value, but if you want just one or two specific services, just get in touch, let us know what you need and we'll let you have a quote for just these.
  • Do Roslyns only work with pubs?
    We have a wealth of experience with pubs but also the hospitality industry as a whole. This means we can help a range of businesses from pubs, bars and clubs but also hotels, restaurants and more.
  • How much does it cost for your services?
    Our Inn-Recovery services are designed to help get a business back on its feet with clear action plan and guidance. The cost of these packages and more information can be found here. For the business services of Roslyns Group such as accounts/tax, payroll/pensions, stocktaking etc. Please see our main site here where you can browse services, and get an instant quote. For stocktaking enquiries, you can find our stocktaking site here where you can also browse services, and get an instant quote.
  • Will my pub company pay for Inn-Recovery services?
    As the business owner, it is you who would normally pay for the services. However, many pub companies are invested in making the partnership they have with you work so it is worth asking your pub company if they are willing to support you with partial or full cover of the fees for an Inn-recovery package.
  • How do I pay for the Inn-Recovery package I want?
    Simply contact us and we can arrange for you to pay by card or BACS. Payment is required before commencement of services.
  • I am already a client of Roslyns, do I need to pay for these services?
    As Roslyns clients currently, you will already be getting the support of your Roslyns Business Development Manager so will be getting many of the financial forecasting benefits as part of our services to you. Some services are outside of those we provide as standard and would be chargeable, for example the mystery customer report. Get in touch with your BDM and let them know what help you'd like. You'll find it is mostly included.
  • I have more than one site, do I pay for an Inn-recovery package for each site?
    In order to fully analyse each site, we would give a full service focus to each site meaning that, yes, each site would be chargeable. We can offer a discount for multiple sites however, so please get in touch for a chat about this.
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