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Running a hospitality business is tough. The industry traditionally attracts resilient and entrepreneurial business people.
Despite this, no hospitality operator has been left untouched by COVID.
Some have remained profitable despite the challenges faced, but inevitably others are facing an uncertain future.

Business recovery rarely takes place without action, support and advice.

We have the knowledge and skills to help support you and your business.

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"In future years you can look back with some pride in reflecting on how you helped so many small businesses at possibly the most dangerous period of the last century"
Jim Johnstone : Independent freehouse operator.

With decades of experience working with hospitality businesses, Roslyns Group are the leading provider of business services to the industry.
Our expert accounts, tax, stock audit and business development teams have the knowledge to help you re-build and strengthen your business.

Our range of Inn-Recovery services provide just that. 
From a simple health check to pinpoint where you should focus to a full business audit with action plans and guidance, Roslyns Group give you the support you deserve.

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" I have worked with Roslyns as an Area Manager and as the Contract Manager for Star Pubs & Bars. Their experienced Accountants, Stocktakers, Business Development Managers and support staff always provide excellent additional support on the ground, and the confidence that the correct advice is being given to operators across a large variety of different businesses. Roslyns are always very professional. They continue to hit all KPI’s and SLA’s, and more often than not exceed them. It is a great comfort knowing that we have the support of an accountancy and stocktaking firm that supports their clients to the lengths that Roslyns do.

Simon Thomas: Support Manager: Star Pubs & Bars.

Roslyns Group provide a range of business services to a wide range of clients. 
The size of your business or budget is not a barrier to getting the support you deserve from the experts at Roslyns.

We support business from the largest of UK pub companies to the smallest individual pubs, freehold, leasehold and tenancy.

  • Pubs and bars

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Leisure parks

  • Individual sites and multiple sites

"As a new business owner my life would have been a lot easier and definitely less stressful if I had been with Roslyn’s from day one!
I love the online facility to keep an eye on the financial health of my business, plus the new app is such an easy and convenient way to keep on top of things. Not to mention the tailored support of my BDM who is a real source of information and advice on a pub business like mine.
Roslyn’s really do make my life easier, which gives me more time to focus on the more important things like the customers and pulling pints!"

Emma Kearney: Award winning publican

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